What do we do in the lesson?

What we do in the lesson depends on you and your level. Usually my students want similar things and I can seperate them to a few groups.

Total beginners. We study all aspects of the language: vocabulary, grammar and structure. We do speaking, reading, listening, grammar and writing exercises. With time we study less  and less grammar and focus on expressing yourselves and understanding others.

Beginners with some knowledge. In the first lesson I check student’s knowledge and apply total beginner programme to his or her needs.

Intermediate or advanced students with difficulties to speak, understand or write. As a homework I give a listening or reading task and in the lesson we speak about the topic from your homework.

Beginners or intermediate students that need to take a language test. Depending on how much time we have untill the test, we set a content of programme that needs to be studied to get the best score possible.

If you don’t find yourself in these groups, don’t get upset! We can find your way to study!