There are 4 types of private online lesson:

  • Lithuanian from the beginning
    This type of lesson is for you if you want to become fluent or close to fluent in Lithuanian. It means you will understand how Lithuanian language works and apply your knowledge when speaking, listening and reading.
  • Lessons for different student levels
    If you have studied Lithuanian before, but you don’t know where to start to continue your studies, I will adapt a programme to your needs.
  • Conversational lessons
    If you know quite a lot in Lithuanian, but you cannot cross that scary border between us and them and speak to Lithuanians like a boss, then you need to gain self-esteem and you can do it when speaking in a safe place.
  • Test preparation lessons
    If you want to take a Lithuanian test but need to fill some gaps in your knowledge.

Online lessons

A lot of people are against any online learning, but I can assure you that everyone is surprised by efficiency of online learning. During online lessons we will use Skype and Google documents. It means:

  • we can hear and see each other as in a traditional face-to-face lesson
  • you can follow lesson materials on your screen
  • you can edit / download / print lesson materials
  • you do not waste time on spelling and taking notes, Google documents features allow us to type and see everything in real time
  • you can work from any place that has internet connection
  • you don’t waste time on getting to a meeting




18 EUR

60 minutes

Recommended for all levels


25 EUR

90 minutes

Recommended for the advanced level