One lesson can take 60 or 90 minutes.

I use Skype and Google documents to teach my students. Skype helps us to see and hear each other, when Google documents allows us to follow our lesson’s material in real time. In Google document shared with you before every lesson you will find speaking, reading, listening and grammar content which we will edit during the lesson. Changes are automatically saved and the document can be reviewed and edited after the lesson.

What we do in the lesson depends on you and your level. Usually my students want similar things and I can seperate them to a few groups.

Total beginners. We study all aspects of the language: vocabulary, grammar and structure. We do speaking, reading, listening, grammar and writing exercises. With time we study less  and less grammar and focus on expressing yourselves and understanding others.

Beginners with some knowledge. In the first lesson I check student’s knowledge and apply total beginner programme to his or her needs.

Intermediate or advanced students with difficulties to speak, understand or write. As a homework I give a listening or reading task and in the lesson we speak about the topic from your homework.

Beginners or intermediate students that need to take a language test. Depending on how much time we have untill the test, we set a content of programme that needs to be studied to get the best score possible.

If you don’t find yourself in these groups, don’t get upset! We can find your way to study!

English, Spanish or Lithuanian.

If you aren’t total beginner we can use Lithuanian as a studying language. It’s proofed that learning a language and using it as a studying language is more efective 🙂

Sure! A lot of students after language courses in a group know a lot, but don’t feel so confident when speaking. A tutor can help you to overcome your fear to speak. Once you aren’t afraid to speak, fluency comes quickly.

Currently I do not give face-to-face lessons. Only online lessons are available.

  1. Lesson material and notes are always with you in one place.
  2. Taking notes is quicker and more acuarrate.
  3. If you don’t understand what I say in Lithuanian, I can quickly write it down.
  4. I can check your homework and comment it before our next lesson.
  5. You save time, energy and money because you don’t need to drive anywhere.
  6. You can stay in a warm place when it’s raning or snowing instead of going somewhere else.
  7. If you are lazy, there is less chance of skipping an online lesson, you can do it on your sofa!

Of course, usually people will get the right meaning of your sentence if you speak without grammar rules, but you will have a lot of difficulties to understand native speakers. Studying Lithuanian grammar helps you to understand structure and logic. For some people studies without grammar works, if they study a lot of vocabulary, live in Lithuania and are self-confident. In that case I can offer you speaking lessons.

I cannot tell you an exact number of weeks or lessons because:
a) fluency is a very abstract term which each of us understands differently. Usually we are fluent in some particular topics and situations. Some people feel fluent even if they do grammar and vocabulary mistakes, some feel fluent only if they understand every word and structure.
b) every person needs different time to learn a language. It depends on your mother tongue (native speakers of Latvian or Russian win here), how many and what languages you know already, where and with whom you live and work, your memory, frequency of studying and even character (people who are self-confident and aren’t afraid of mistakes tend to learn faster).
c) it depends on your level. Usually students notice that in the beginning their progress is faster then later on.

60 minutes lesson costs €18, 90 minutes lesson costs €25.

It’s my full-time job and I work with individual activity certificate. In the end of every month I count the lessons we had and prepare an invoice which can be paid by a bank transfer, PayPal or Revolut. I ask students to pay it in one week after they get the invoice.

If you cancel your lesson on a day and don’t reschedule it for the same week, you need to pay half of the lesson. If you cancel it earlier or reschedule it for the same week, you don’t need to pay.

If you don’t show up on agreed time, I wait for 15 minutes. If I don’t get any notice till that time ends, I ask to pay for a dismissed lesson.

The optimal lessons number depends on you, but I recommend to take two lessons per week. It won’t give you enough time to forget the language, but you will have enough time to do homework. Your progress will be faster and we know that progress = motivation.

I work Mondays – Fridays 8 am – 6 pm Lithuanian time. I don’t work on weekends.

I prefer to meet at the same time every week because as I have a lot of students, I cannot guarantee that I will be avaible on time you ask. Send me a message with suitable times for you and we will find the best one to have lessons.