Maybe some of you just have finished work and are going to a TINDER date?
Lithuanians call this app “Tinderis” and have a verb for it “tinderinti”. Tinderinti means to use Tinder app. You could also hear “prisitinderinti”. It means to spend a lot of time on Tinder and as a consequence to have a girlfriend or a boyfriend from Tinder.

-Ką veiki?
-Ai, nieko, tinderinu.

-What are you doing?
-Eh, nothing, just playing with Tinder.

-Girdėjai, Paulius turi merginą!

-Have you heard, Paulius has a girlfriend!
-He had enough of Tinder…

Some people call a girl found on Tinder or a girl which is Tinder kind of girl (I guess it’s subjective in every country) as “tinderina”. If a girl is really stunning, she is called “tindirela”. Very beautiful words! 🙂