The first words you learn in Lithuanian are “eiti” and “važiuoti” but there is a synonym, “varyti”, used in informal situations. The dictionary says it means “to herd”, “to move” but don’t be afraid to use it with your friends.

-Kur varai?
-Ai, varau į miestą.

-Where are you going?
-Eh, I’m going out.

-Varom į kiną?
-Let’s go to the cinema?

We use “varyti” if we want to compliment a friend. In this kind of situation “varyti” means “to do well”.

-Oho, gavai 10 iš lietuvių egzamino. Gerai varai! / Pavarei!
-Oh, you got 10 from Lithuanian exam. Good job! / Well done!

-Liudas gerai varo! Jam paskambino NASA ir pasiūlė darbą!
-Liudas is doing great! He got a call from NASA, they offered him a position!