Lithuanian courses in Vilnius

Lithuanian courses in Vilnius

Levels 👉 A1, A2.
Start 👉 5th of February 2018
Time 👉 A1 group – Mondays 6:00 – 7:30 pm
A2 group – Mondays 7:45 – 9:15 pm
Price 👉 € 40 / month (4 sessions)
Place 👉 Ideas block, Pylimo g. 60 Vilnius
Duration 👉 4 months
Registration 👉
Bonus 👉 FREE coffee
Teacher 👉 Lithuanian with Dovilė


🦊 What I will do during the A1 course?
You will learn basic grammar and vocabulary by playing games and speaking. To attend this course you don’t need to have any Lithuanian basics.

🐧 What I will do during the A2 course?
You will watch videos, learn vocabulary, chat with people and write short texts. Grammar is studied if students need it.

🐿️ I don’t know anything in Lithuanian but I don’t want to study Lithuanian grammar, can I come to A2 course?
No, you have to have A1 level to attend A2 lessons.

🦄 I won’t be in Vilnius at the 5th of February, could I join later?
A1 students cannot join later than the 5th of March.
A2 students can join later.

🦔 I’m not sure if I will come every Monday. Can I pay per lesson?
No, students need to pay per month. If you miss a lesson, you will not get money back and money cannot be moved to the next month.

🐢 If I join after the 5th of February, do I have to pay for 4 sessions that month?
No, you will start to pay after joining.

See you soon!