Sometimes you can hear Lithuanians whispering to themselves or saying to other person on the phone a word “Pala”. It’s a shortening of “Palauk”, which is imperative form of “Wait”.

-Kur Tomas?
-Nežinau. Pala, parašysiu jam.

-Where is Tomas?
-I don’t know. Wait, I’ll text him.

Answering a phone call:
-Pala biškį, negaliu kalbėt dabar.
-A, gerai. Vėliau tada.

-Wait a minute, I cannot talk right now.
-Oh, OK. Then later.

While struggling to remember something:
-Pala… kaip vadinasi ta knyga? Aa! Žinau!

-Wait, what’s the name of that book? Ah! I know it!