Eina na

Eina na

You should have noticed that the expression of Lithuanian emotions in graphics would look rather like this __________ than this /\/\/\/\/\/\/\. It means our swear words have the same shape – they are very dull. But Russian ones are not! So when we get very emotional we prefer to use Russian words.

Sometimes Russian swear words are just too heavy, so we cut them or “Lithuanisize” them.

Today I would like to explain “eina na” where “eina” is from Lithuanian “it goes” and “na” is from Russian “nachui” (Lithuanians write it “nachui”) which means “on dick”. This expression people use when they are very surprised about something unpleasant / causing problems.

I don’t know if you should use it, but it’s quite useful to understand that it’s not a refrain of a pop song :>


-Katalonija paskelbė nepriklausomybę!

-Eina na!


-Catalonia has declared its independence!