About me



Hi, my name is Dovilė. It’s a Lithuanian name that means “hope giver”. I’ll give you hope to speak Lithuanian fluently in 30 days!

Well, it might sound more like a sales manager line than mine. Sorry, it won’t happen. In order to speak Lithuanian you will have to study for more than 30 days.

I guess everyone has those dialogues from their past which they cannot forget. My dialogue from the past, which I used to repeat every few months:

-O tu ką studijuoji?
-Lietuvių filologiją ir ispanų kalbą.
-Tai mokytoja būsi.
-Ne, nu galima daug dalykų veikti, filologija duoda bendrą suvokimą apie … [bla bla bla].
-Ai, nu. Tai čia pedagoginiam?
-Ne, ne, VU…

-And you, what do you study?
-Lithuanian philology and Spanish.
-So you are going to be a teacher.
-No, you can do a lot of stuff, philology gives you general understanding about … [bla bla bla].
-Ahh. University of Educational Sciences?
-No, Vilnius university…

It turns out my destiny was just trying to say something! I tried to teach and I liked it very much.

Here you have more proof that prejudices are not right. We should keep some distance from them.

It’s the same with the prejudices about Lithuanian learning.

Probably you have heard that Lithuanian is a very old complicated language and that it is difficult to learn. This is true. But it shouldn’t become your attitude towards it. It won’t take you far.

I have to admit that I do not speak perfect Lithuanian. It’s impossible. Yes, I speak it fluently (sometimes I even doubt that…), but this moment “That’s it, I know it” won’t come. And why seek perfection? The process of learning is more satisfactory than being in search of perfection and I would like to guide you through it.